An incredible adventure deserves an incredible ride! Finding the best rental cars for Colorado vacations is the first step in planning the journey. Intrepid travelers need a vehicle to take them off the beaten path. Exploring the Rocky Mountains is no ordinary getaway. Whether you're cruising the busy streets of Denver, hiking the Durango backcountry, or taking to the slopes in Aspen, you need a car that can keep up. Cars for Colorado has your local expert's guide to choosing the right vehicle for your trip.
Explore rental cars for Colorado vacations to take your trip several miles higher.

Drive for All Seasons

Come prepared for Colorado weather. We have all four seasons here in the heart of the Rocky Mountains -- sometimes in the same week! Temperature and conditions change fast and often. You'll need a car that you can drive with confidence. A few things to look for when it comes to rental cars for Colorado vacations are durability and reliability. Always opt for an AWD or 4x4 vehicle. During the winter, a 4x4 can come in handy for traversing heavy snowfall. Good suspension, high clearance, solid tires for the many potholes throughout Colorado, as well as drivetrain equipped for tough terrain and low-range gearing.  

Think about what you plan to do with your time in the Rocky Mountains. Are you going on a road trip and hitting different hiking trails along the way? A Subaru Outback or Forester is a great, gas-friendly vehicle for day hikes and camping during the summer months. Or maybe you're planning a winter trip to check out the best ski resorts in Denver. Vail bound travelers will need a place to store their gear. Investing in a full-sized SUV can be cumbersome, especially for solo travelers. Cars for Colorado has ski outfitted Jeeps and Subaru's to make your journey a little more efficient. Roof boxes and ski racks are the best ways to expand vehicle space for a Colorado adventure.

Consider Clearance

If you aren't used to driving in rugged terrain, it can be easy to overlook sufficient clearance. Don't miss out on exploring backcountry roads due to having an insufficient vehicle. If you're going to be getting off the beaten path, take a high-clearance car along for the ride. You'll also need a reliable rental car company in Colorado to come to the rescue just in case. Utilizing a local car rental company in Colorado has the added benefit of expertise when it comes to sticky situations. If you get stuck in the snow, chances are they'll know right where you're at!

Check the clearance requirement for difficult roads before you go, opt for a backcountry-ready vehicle, and always keep emergency contact numbers on hand.

Driving a Mile Higher

Denver, Colorado, is situated at 5,280 feet above sea level. If you start your journey at DIA, the elevation gain will only get more impressive from there. Make sure you have a car that's ready for the climb. You'll be doing a lot of uphill driving so it's vital to get a vehicle with a strong engine, great acceleration, and first-class climbing power. Smooth navigation on winding country roads is not to be underestimated. Your rental car shouldn't struggle to get you to the best views in Colorado. The right rental car provides a safe and stress-free experience for travelers.

If you're unsure what rental car is best for your Colorado excursion, take a look at what the locals are driving. There's a reason Subaru's abound in the streets of Denver! Trusting a local car rental option guarantees reliability. There's a reason for brand loyalty. Blend in and drive in style with vehicles that can handle the Rocky Mountains.

Rental Cars for Colorado Vacations are Part of the Experience

Renting a car in Colorado is more than simply getting from point A to point B. The right rental car for Colorado terrain is a part of the experience. Let's face it; no one feels cool driving a minivan through the mountains. Jeep rental and Subaru rental are top choices for a Colorado vacation. Driving a fun car is like booking your own DIY tour package. Imagine trail riding in a Wrangler or car camping in a reliable Outback. You won't be stuck relying on tour companies to show you the best kept Colorado secrets. With a trail-ready vehicle, you'll discover them on your own!

Jeep rental is a great option for travelers who enjoy blazing their own trail. Jeeps are the vehicle of choice for independent souls. In fact, many Jeep lovers agree that driving a Jeep is a feeling of pure freedom. According to the Jeep community, the top benefits of Jeep rental include:

Going places you've never been!

Taking the top and doors off to feel the wind through your hair.

The attention you receive from other drivers – those in Jeeps, and those just envying yours.

Stress-free driving during all weather conditions and in all four seasons.

The feeling of piloting your own "moon buggy" if opting for a Wrangler.

If you're looking for a bit more space to hold your skis, Subaru's are a favorite in the Colorado area. Subaru rentals allow you to stay and play like a local. Subaru's have fantastic clearance, unmatched reliability, and plenty of space to mount bikes and a ski rack. Plus, they just look cool cast against the wild mountain views. A Subaru adventure turns tourists into veteran explorers.

Hop in the driver's seat and get your vacation started with adventure-ready rental cars for Colorado vacations. Cars for Colorado isn't your generic rental car company. We're a part of the excursion. Our expert team matches travelers with the perfect vehicle for their itinerary. If you aren't sure which car is best for your Colorado vacation, reach out to our crew today. Because every adventure is unique, we're happy to provide curated recommendations that suit your journey.

Get on the road with Colorado rental cars for truly epic travels in the Rocky Mountain state.


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